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Non-Skid Mouse Pad With Memory Foam Wrist Support

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Use your mouse in ergonomic comfort with Accutrack-2 Anti-Skid Mouse Pad with antimicrobial protection. Your mouse glides smoothly across mouse pad as the pad protects your work surface from scratches and scrapes. The large diameter of the pad provides plenty of work space for your mouse, and the foam material restricts the growth of micro-organisms that can stain or degrade the pad, providing you with a clean, sanitary and odor free work area. The built-in foam wrist rest provides not only comfortable support, but the ergonomic design protects your wrist from soreness and injury during long sessions at the computer.


Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design provides more space for your mouse to move than a standard shape of other mouse pads.  Mouse Pad offers ergonomic support for your wrists with its large working area design. The cushion creates a Comfort Zone that contours to your wrist’s natural curves and movements and helps reduce hand and wrist stress.

The Most Comfortable Mouse-Pad

Make extended, everyday computer use more comfortable with the Accutrack-2 Mouse Pad. Featuring Memory Foam Comfort Zone cushioning that provides exceptional wrist support, this mouse pad allows you to type, surf the Internet, and play games for longer periods of time without discomfort.

Anti-Microbial Memory Foam

The Memory Foam in Accutrack-2 is Anti-Microbial which helps prevent germ build-up after prolonged usage. The Memory Foam doesn’t collect direct and germ and helps keep the surface clean. Unlike other mouse pad which gets dirty and infected after prolong use from the users sweat, Accutrack-2 has Anti-Microbial Foam which keeps it clean and Bacteria Free.

Innovative Surface for More Accuracy

The smooth, durable innovative surface provides an exceptional tracking surface for your mouse. The mouse pad’s surface maintains its original shape even after years of use. The pad delivers exceptional point-and-click accuracy without introducing excessive friction, so you can browse, work, and game with pinpoint precision. This mouse pad is compatible with a wide variety of mouse types

Rubber Backing to Prevent Slipping

The Accutrack-2 Mouse Pad keeps planted firmly in place on most surfaces, even during intense use. The natural rubber base stays firmly planted on any flat surface and prevents sliding. The rubber base prevents slipping, allowing you to freely maneuver your mouse without interruption


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