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AuraMount-BT 10W Qi Wireless Charging Auto Kit With Mono Earphone


10W Qi Wireless Charging Auto Kit With Mono Earphone


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2-In-1 Qi Wireless Car Charger with Bluetooth Mono Headset for The Ultimate In Convenience

If you lead the kind of busy, high-powered lifestyle which necessitates a Bluetooth mono headset, the last thing you want is for your call to die while you’re conducting important business. The Promate AuraMount-BT comprises of both a high-quality Bluetooth headset and a Qi Certified Fast Wireless charger, making it the perfect solution for when you’re on the go.

Provides In-Car Wireless Charging for Your Qi-Enabled Phone

Designed for quick and intuitive wireless charging, the Promate AuraMount-BT Wireless Charging Mount allows you to charge your Qi-enabled smartphone without the mess of charging cables. Simply place your Qi-enabled smartphone within the holder and watch as it begins charging without having to connect any wires to the phone.

Up To 10W of Wireless Charging Power Charge Your Phone Up To 40% Faster

This Promate AuraMount-BT wireless charger provides you with up to 10w of power with mounting your phone to the charger making it a safe and secure place to charge your phone. With integrated wireless fast charging, you can rapidly charge your Qi-Enabled Smartphones to 40% faster than with a standard wireless charger, so you’ll have your Phone full of juice and ready to go in no time.

Thick Case Friendly

No need to remove your phone case (most of the phone cases in the market except the rugged, uneven case.) while charging. The car holder can hold all phones with a width of 60-80mm tightly, which works very well for all QI-enabled phones

Enjoy Hands-Free Calls Safely Whilst Driving

Utilising wireless Bluetooth technology, the Promate AuraMount-BT Bluetooth Earphone allows you to take calls without having to use your hand. This makes it a perfect accompaniment when commuting or taking long car journeys. Now you can keep yourself available to friends, family and business contacts safely whilst on the move.

Incredibly Small, Lightweight and Comfortable Design

Small and lightweight, the Forever Bluetooth Earphone is a discreet little unit, making it hardly noticeable when used.

Easy to Pair and Operate for On the Go Use

Designed to allow quick and easy calls on the go, this Bluetooth headset is easy to set up and use straight out of the box.

Phone Mounting

Quick and easy slide-in phone mount allows for a secure hands-free experience. Simply drop your phone inside the mount with just one hand. As you place your phone inside, the clamps automatically fit your phone with a secure grip around your phone.

Strong Suction Cup

You have multiple installations of the wireless car charger holder, it can be installed on the windshield, dashboard, table securely with the strong suction cup.

Air Vent Phone Mount

The charger can be easily attached to most air vents. It is compatible with horizontal and grid vents, but not for arc-shaped, retraction type and passive air vents. brings you a safe driving and no blocking sight.


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