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Promate CarShade

CarShade Universal Protective Weather Proof Car Umbrella


Keep your car protected from dust, rain and the sun with Promate CarShade. Easy to install with the one-touch wireless remote. The secure suction cup makes this car shade windproof. The patented automated folding structures offer a safe and stable weatherproof design. CarShade has been tested to reduce your car temperatures by at least 30 degrees. Portable and easy to use, CarShade is the car accessory your car needs.

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Windproof Design

The strong suction cup coupled with a patented skeleton design ensures that the CarShade remains stuck onto your vehicle even on the windiest of days. You may also adjust the windproof rope length to suit your vehicle.

Easy Operation – One Click Wireless Setup

Automatically fold and unfold with a remote-control device. The whole open process takes 8s, and total installation process takes the 30 Seconds.

Reduce Temperature by 30 Degrees

Air ventilation between the CarShade and the car proven effective to block heat transmitted to the car in high temperatures.

Multi-Car Protection

The big surface can protect car from Dust, acid rain, bird dropping, deciduous leaves etc. Occasions: Parking, camping trips, Business trips, and Taking a nap in the car while waiting

Universal Compatibility for Any Car

The 4m x 2.1m surface can cover any car in any given situation. Fit for Sedan, hatchback, luxury car, small car etc.


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