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Promate ezGrip

ezGrip Universal Car Steering Wheel Mobile Phone Holder Clip


EZgrip is the best universal steering wheel smartphone holder, the unique stylish clip grip holder will securely hold your phone in your car even in the roughest of terrains. The holder stretches up to 90mm. The stylish clip and grip holder makes mounting and unmounting your phone easy with the simple yet effective grip.

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Heads-Up Display

The holder is an excellent location of the edge of the car dashboard. It allows the driver to look at the phone screen while driving. The line of sight is consistent with the road and has the same purpose with head-up display which allows you keeping your eyes always on road to avoid unnecessary accidents when driving.

Secure Holder

The holder base has the vertically and horizontally curved design, clips the top lid tightly with the strong clip and perfectly fits with the dashboard cove through the non-slip pad, which makes it hold the phone stable without the fear of falling off even in rough driving conditions.

Smart and Secure Design

Sleek and smart design constructed of sturdy thermoplastic polyurethane and high strength fireproof ABS plastic which has a high melting and heating point, protecting your connected devices and soft non-slip rubber materials, hard and durable to avoid scratching your phone.

Non-Slip Rubber Grip

Non-slip rubber grip securely holds your smartphones and navigation devices even when breaking or making sharp turns. To mount smartphone stable, will not scratch vehicle interior or devices.


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