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Ultra-Fast 3-in-1 Charging Kit for USB-C Devices

uniCharger, a portable 3-in-1 charging kit makes life easier by combining car charging, wall charging and USB charging solutions packed into one. Just use the wall plug with the accompanied USB cable to charge your USB-C chargeable device at home, use the car charger while in your car, or just use the USB cable and plug it into any USB port to charge your device.


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The Perfect Charging Kit for your Smartphone and Tablet

The 3-in-1 charging kit from Promate provides your smartphones and tablets with all the charge they could ever need, both in the home and the car and along with USB Type-C Cable for Samsung, OnePlus, LG, HTC. Coming complete with a high-powered mains adapter and a discrete car charger, you can be sure of keeping your devices fully charged always.

Dual USB Wall Charger to Charge Two Devices at Once

Whether you’re looking to get the most out of your plug sockets at home or trying organizing your desk, the Promate UniCharger Dual USB Mains Charger is the perfect solution. Featuring dual USB ports that allow you to charge and power two devices simultaneously.

2.1A Mains Adapter

Included within the pack is an extremely neat mains charger. The charger features a 2.4 Amp output, which means it will charge your device quickly. This means you’ll spend less time waiting around for your device to charge and more time doing what you want to do. The 2.4A output is also powerful enough to charge larger devices such as tablets and big smartphones.

2.1A and 1A Ports Offering A Total 3.1A Output

This dual charger has two USB ports that offer a 2.1A and a 1A output, so you get 3.1A overall. For a tablet or a high battery capacity smartphone, it is recommended that you use the 2.1A output as this offers the quickest charging times, the 1A output can then be used for all other devices.

Type-C Cable Designed for Connection Of USB-C Hardware to USB Supported Devices

Designed to connect smartphones, tablets and other USB-C (USB Type-C) equipped hardware to USB powered equipment so you can charge and sync your device.


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