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LG Microwave Oven Grill 38 Litres Smart Screen


  • Charcoal Lighting Heater™
  • True Oven with Bottom Grill
  • Round Cavity
  • Capacity 38 Liter
  • Dimension 527 x 395 x 469 mm
  •  Clock Yes, Child Lock Yes, Quick Start Yes

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Up and under heat

Whether baking pies or pizzas is grilling chicken or steaming vegetables. In the SpeedOven you prepare your dishes exactly the way you want it. With two top and bottom heating elements, your dishes are unprecedentedly prepared unevenly and quickly.

Charcoal heat element

The charcoal element causes heat rays to penetrate deep into the dish. Do you like meat in the oven? The outside is then perfectly crushed, while the interior stays soft and juicy, just like when grilling on charcoal. This makes you save up to 30% faster and 40% more economical than with a normal oven.

Round inside

Since most of the oven trays are round, why would this be different for the inside of the Speed Oven?  With the unique round inside, you can easily scale scales and articles into the combi oven, taking the dish up to 25% more concentrated heat and it’s easier to clean the inside without corners.

Unlike an oven with a normal square inside, SpeedOven makes maximum use of the internal space. This will not limit you if you want to use large scales.

Easy to clean

Without annoying corners that can get dirty, cleaning inside is very easy.

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LG Microwave Oven Grill 38 Litres Smart Screen


In stock


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