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Promate Compact Camera and Camorder Shoulder Bag

HandyPak1-S, a stylish, casual Camcorder shoulder bag transports a day’s worth of camera gear. The zippered top lid opens for wide access to switch a lens or grab the flash so you capture the best shots with ease. There are removable separators that create a fully customizable interior. Its Contemporary design adds intrigue and reveals just how much padding is protecting your camera. HandyPak1-S also features multiple pockets for quick access to memory cards and other small items



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Useful Camera Companion

Promate Handypak1-S Camera bag allows you to carry your camera and its accessories anywhere you like, whether it is raining, too cold or too hot. Its water-resistant exterior makes it a reliable bag even with bad weather conditions.


Multiple Pockets for Storage

With multiple pockets and detachable partitions, enjoy maximum compatibility with every accessory when you use the Handypak1-S. It comes with a number of useful compartments that will help you organize your gear


Easy on the Eyes

The eye-catching design just does not appear to be fascinating but it also ensures the safety of your gadgets. So not only does it offer great form, it’s also feature-packed in terms of function.

Plenty of Protective Features


In addition to its other features that make it one of the best camera bags on the market, the Handypak1-S also offers plenty of protection through a cushioned inner structure with adjustable storage walls. It’s also easily adaptable into a modern, casual carry-all.

Reinforced Zipper Mechanism that is Fully Accessible

Zippers and wire-mouth opening allow smooth, quick access to camera and open configuration provides a great work-out station. Interior zippered lid pocket offers convenient storage space for small valuables.


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