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Promate Professional Aluminum Video Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader



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Pixels-170 is a combination of stability and innovative technical features for photographers and videographers alike. This tripod is a 3-segment interlocking tripod featuring durable aluminum telescopic legs that offer immense stability and durability. Its leg-locking levers are secure. Pixels-170 is an extremely versatile tripod, suitable for a wide range of photography and videography applications.


Take on the Shot

Align your camera to any position accurately with the 3-way pan and tilt head to take on the most professional shots with your camera. Pixels-170 makes your artistic life easy.

Flip ‘N’ Lock

For a quick and secure adjustment, use the flip-locks to control the telescoping tripod legs positioning, while the center brace gives you that extra stability by connecting the legs to make them more rigid.

Mount or Unmount? That’s the question!

Need to quickly mount your camera? Or you’re done with the job? The Quick-Release Plate is the quickest way to mount or unmount your camera to the tripod head or even with the best camera alignment.

Precisely leveled

Pixels-170 comes with a built-in bubble level to ensure that your shot is aligned to the best angle no matter how steep the surface is.

Stable as a rock

The mid-level spreader that Pixels-170 enjoys offers great stability to the camera weather on a flat surface or on a rocky slope, this stability is imperative to videography.

Grip, Grip, and Grip

Pixels-170 is equipped with secure grip rubber feet giving you the maximum traction on any surface, flat or slop, concrete or grass, just enjoy that impeccable shot in any environment.

On the move!

Pixels-170 come with a carrying case with shoulder strap so you can take it with you to your remote location for that perfect scene or climb that cliff for that perfect shot.


Maximum Height:170 cm

Minimum Height:80 cm

Folded Height:86 cm


Load Capacity:10 Kg

Weight:3.5 Kg


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