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Keyboard Gaming Genesis RX85 BL NKG-0958


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Rx85 Rgb Mechanical Keyboard:
– With its advanced switches, RGB backlit design and numerous features to make a your life easier, the RX85 mechanical keyboard is a perfect choice for anyone looking for reliable peripherals to go with their PC.

Versatile Gamer Switches:
– A good mechanical needs switches that will meet even the most picky gamers’ requirements. RX85 is fitted with Kailh Brown switches, which on one hand deliver a palpable trigger point and on the other hand are free of the loud clicking sound.

Appearance Matters:
– RX85 is a high profile keyboard and as such must be RGB backlit. The 16 million colour range offers full freedom in choice of lighting effects. To make your mechanical look even more extraordinary, the lighting is enhanced with PRISMO effect. In addition, RX85 offers 20 lighting modes: 8 default, as many as 10 dedicated to games, and 2 custom ones.

Software That Makes A Difference:
– RGB lighting must be followed by advanced software. Not only does it enable you to set the colours but also to configure and save customized profiles and macros. These help you prepare for each combat in advance, so that you can use a single key to fire a deadly combo, immediately tipping the scales in your favour.

Give Your Wrists Some Rest:
– When we were designing the RX85 we had convenience and ergonomics in mind. A wrist support with a special profile is attached to the keyboard by magnets. A special volume dial is provided for volume control without searching for the right key. RX85 gives you full control over your multimedia with the selection of 12 function keys.

The Master Of Combos:
– When a gamer enters a complicated combination of keys, he must rest assured that the system is capable of registering it all. RX85 is fitted with N-key Rollover, which is an anti-ghosting functionality for all keys, making the keyboard an unfailing weapon. Another incident that can spoil the game is an accidental exit to desktop, therefore we fitted RX85 with a Windows key lock function.


– Anti-Ghosting
– Mechanical Switches
– Gaming Software
– Rgb Backlight
– Detachable Palmrest
– Durable Body

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Keyboard Gaming Genesis RX85 BL NKG-0958


In stock



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