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proLink-V2H VGA-to-HDMI Adaptor Kit with Audio Support

proLink-V2H VGA-to-HDMI Adaptor Kit with Audio Support

ProLink-V2H, VGA to HDMI adapter lets you turn the VGA port on your Desktop or Laptop computer into an HDMI output port. With the ProLink-V2H, you can expand your VGA video output to accommodate the increasing number of displays and projectors that only support HDMI. This adapter ensures you’re harnessing the highest video quality from your VGA output, with support for resolutions up to 1920×1080 (1080p). With a built-in USB power cable, the device is powered using the USB port on your computer. The VGA to HDMI adapter will work with any computer operating system, but when working with a Windows® computer the adapter supports native USB audio, allowing you to add your computer audio to the HDMI signal.

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